Jenn TurnerThe average adult breathes 28,000 breaths per day. Most of us never think about it. For Jennifer Turner, each breath has been a challenge. Jenn has struggled with her breathing since childhood but wasn't formally diagnosed with Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM) lung disease until June of 2010. This lung disease is very rare, and has caused cysts of muscle tissue to grow in her lungs preventing them from absorbing oxygen. Doctors admitted Jenn at the University of Michigan Hospital on September 25, 2011 and performed a double lung transplant on February 4, 2012.  We are so grateful for this amazing gift!

Jenn's new lungs are doing great but she has had several other complications as a result of the LAM and immunosuppression from transplant. These have resulted in frequent hospitalizations, testing, and specialist appointments.  She has to take approximately 40 pills, 4 insulin injections, and also wear a patch daily to maintain a healthy status. Jenn's family has moved to Ypsilanti, Michigan to be permanently near her amazing health providers at the University of Michigan. 

Because of the demands of her health needs, Jenn has not been able to return to teaching for the American Red Cross, her role as an Emergency Medical Technician, or to full-time work.  However, she has been very happy to serve as a Transplant Mentor for other Lung Transplant Recipients at U of M and a speaker for Gift of Life as her health has permitted.  She is also able to work part-time for the Ypsilanti Symphony Orchestra as an Administrative Assistant. Her family is enjoying each day together as a special gift.

While her organ transplantation has been life-saving, it has created life-long  medical expenses. As a result, The University of Michigan Hospital's Transplant Department has recommended fundraising. To ease this financial burden, a fundraising campaign in her honor has been established with the HelpHOPELive for uninsured expenses. HelpHOPELive is a nonprofit organization that has been assisting the transplant community for more than 30 years. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation through HelpHOPELive to make life easier for Jenn.

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For more information, please contact HelpHOPELive at 800-642-8399.

Your financial gifts will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,

Jessica Dold